Borrowing and Returning books

Upon entering the library, student must present their borrower’s card with a present ID picture. NO LIB.CARD, NO. ENTRY

a) Students / faculty and visitors are requested to sign in their names in a particular log book upon entering the library.

b) Students are obliged to use their own library cards in borrowing books, newspapers, journals, magazines and other library materials.

a) Patrons may send a letter of request/inquiries to our e-mail ( or FB messenger (

b) The library will reply to the student on the status of his/her request.

c) If the material(s) is available: the library will send a Library Google Form / blank borrowing form to be fill-up by the borrower(s) and send back to library. (Please allow the librarian for 1 day to validate of the request).

1.  Take note of the limit on the number of books you can borrow.

2. You cannot borrow a book if you still have overdue books.

3. A book may be borrowed for overnight used depending upon the demand of the book.

4.  A book on loan may be reserved once as long as nobody else needs the book.  Renewal for the second time is only allowed if the book is still available after return.

5. Take note of the date when the book you borrowed is due for return.  A fine of P5.00 a day / and 2.00 per hour is charged for any overdue circulation book, excluding Sundays and Holidays

6. Any person who losses or fails to return a book within 2 weeks after due date or recall shall either replace it with a book of the same title or a good photocopy or pay its current replacement value, or replace it within thirty (30) days with another title to be selected by the librarian.  In all cases the         person shall pay a fine equivalent to 50% of the cost of the book.

7. To renew a book, return it first and then ask for a renewal.

8. Any book on loan may be recalled at any time.

Monday to Friday       =       3:00pm  –   5:00pm.

Saturdays                    =      10:00am  –   4:00pm.

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