The L-NU Main Library is located at the third floor of Francisco building occupying half of its total area.  Its collection is primarily for the use of the L-NU population, but it is also open to the constituents of the university as well as to researchers and graduate students from other colleges and universities.

            L-NU library is divided into seven (7) sections and practices the open stack systems of shelving books and other materials.  It is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.  Serving as key to the collection is an author, title and subject catalog.

Main Circulation

Books are written by foreign authors, where transactions pertinent to borrowing and returning books. This contains the general collection of books, fiction and non-fiction.

Filipiniana Section

the collection include ;

  • Books about the Philippines written whether by the Filipino or by foreign authors.
  • Books written by a Filipino author about in any subject / country.
  • Any book or pamphlet about the Philippines, including award-winning plays, poems, and novels written by Filipinos can be found in the Filipiniana section.

Internet Workstation

Where a clientele make their research in the use of Information technology.

Periodical Section

A section where a clientele can borrow current issue of magazines, newspapers and core journals, pamphlets and clippings. Foreign and Filipiniana serials are shelved separately.  This material may be taken out for Xerox.


Is an area in the library that houses all non-book materials which includes graphics, videotapes, films, disc., projectors and other interactive materials. It is also known as the Multimedia Center.

Allied Health Section

Medicine Section